Hi. My name is Vicky. I am the founder of the Housebound with Kids community. 

My husband and I created this website as a space for people to share ideas, craft, activities, support and wisdom. 

I started the “Housebound with Kids” Facebook community and was blown away by the ideas, love, and support shown by members.  We decided to create this website to be able to have an easy resource for everyone to be able to use to browse and search for anything that may be useful to them and their families. 

This website is for us all. The content is by real people – for real people!  We are in this together.  Please sign up to the newsletter to keep updated.

Thank you to everyone for your ideas, kindness, support, and wisdom. 

Special thanks to all my Facebook moderation team who help support our Housebound with Kids community.

Warmest wishes to you all,



Picture of Vicky and family on the beach