Kelly, from England, had some dino fun with this dinosaur footprint activity. Super!

Things you need:

  • Paper
  • Cornflour
  • Cocoa powder or brown/black food colouring
  • Water
  • Porridge oats add a fun texture but not essential!
  • Plastic dinosaurs 🦖
  • Tray


Combine water, cornflour and cocoa powder until you get a runny but sticky consistency. Just add a little splash of water at a time.
Arrange paper around a tray filled with dinos and pot of cornflour mud for play and encourage them to press the feet down on the paper carefully to make dino footprints.

This was actually a failed messy play activity initially as my son decided he didn’t like the feel of it on his hands so we decided to just dip the dino’s feet in instead! 

Learning points – talk about 4 legged (usually herbivores) vs 2 legged (carnivores) big round feet because they were heavy, pointy clawed feet because they needed claws to help grip as they ran etc etc.

Learn the names of the dinos you’re using and enjoy the messy roleplay of them jumping in the mud, skidding about and getting muddy! 

So easy to clean up (doesn’t look it I know) and completely baby safe if they decide to eat some!

Food colouring more likely to stain than the cocoa powder so use sparingly.

What’s your next project idea?

The dinosaurs need a bath!!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Kelly – I have two children, a son age 3.5 years and a daughter age 7 months, we are from England, UK!

How are you finding being housebound with kids so far?

It’s been a challenge some days as my son is missing his friends and usual activities but its amazing how many creative ideas I have found myself having to keep him occupied – a talent I didn’t realise I had! I find one proper activity like this a day keeps the screen guilt at bay!

Any tips to help people when they are housebound with kids?

To be kind to yourself, do what you enjoy doing and what your kids enjoy – don’t force things if they aren’t enjoying them it just frustrates everyone! Adapt and try something else! 

How has our community helped you?

It has given me a wealth of ideas to cherry pick and enjoy with my littles without any pressure or loads of extra cost.