Carla, from Shropshire, tells us about the ‘busy board’ that her partner, Robert, made for their child, Jenson. Let’s take a look…

What did you do?

My partner created a busy board for our 10 month old son. Wanting something to entertain my son, my friend Dani gave me the idea of a busy board with different ideas you can put on it. I asked my partner if he could make something similar to the one she showed me.

He came home from work the following week from work and had been making one as a surprise for our son! I was amazed with it! There’s different activities on there such as mobile phone, calculator, bolt, thin chain, working doorbell, tube (put balls down to go in one end and come out the other, it took Jenson a while to figure out that it came out the other end, but he got there eventually), cupboard handle, shapes of foam, door handle, and a kitchen dishes brush.

All the different activities have been attached with either hot glue or cable ties so that in a couple of weeks, once he’s figured out how they work we can swap them around for different things such as light switches. dimmers or switches. zips, laces (in the style of a shoe), tv remotes. All different every day items that you come across in your household.

For younger babies, you could use different fabric materials, mirrors, bubble wrap so they are getting their sensory needs met too.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Carla , my partner is Robert, and we are from Shropshire, England. We have one little boy Jenson who is 10 months old.

Being on maternity leave, I’m kind of used to being at home already but now I’ve lost the freedom of meeting friends and family. Same as everybody else.

Rob has still stayed at work through the lockdown making PPE masks for the NHS. So it has been lonely and long days trying to entertain a little one, but i am so lucky i have been able to watch all of his new developments and milestones achieved.

Do you have any tips for others?

I can’t really give many tips or advice on helping other people with being housebound apart from appreciate the time you have watching your little one as it does go so fast…. even though it can be tough at times!