Come to Housebound with Kids for game recommendations from members of our community. Here we have a recommendation for the game Five Crowns.

With thanks to Ellen and her family from New Zealand, who recommends the game Five Crowns.

Tell us a bit about the game…

You start with 3 cards, then next hand 4 cards and so on up to 13 (the game is 10 hands in total).

You need to make groups of the same kind & or runs: for example you might have 6 cards and 3 might be 3x 10 and the other 3 might be a run like 4,5,6 – if you can put all your cards down then you go out and each player gets one more turn to try and put down of as many as possible (might have a run of 4 cards) and is left with the remaining points on their cards against them.

Children from about the age of 8 upwards can this game. Enjoy

It’s easy to understand.

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

Hi, I am Ellen from New Zealand.
We play this a lot, I’ve taught my girlfriends to play so we can play on trips away.
My nephews enjoy this too and they are 8yrs & 10yrs.

Has this website and community helped you?

Given me some great ideas. One of my daughters is a kindergarten teacher and she has picked up some ideas from here too.

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