Looking for some great ideas for fun things to do at home with the kids? Here is our ultimate list of 886 great ideas to keep you and your family entertained. The list includes art & craft, activities, experiments, games, recipes etc.

The Housebound With Kids community have written an article to go with each idea, which we have linked to below. Not bad going since April 2020?!

Ok. Here we go. Enjoy!..

  1. Camping Holiday at Home – Here are our ideas for how to have a fun holiday camping at home.
  2. Crayon Silhouette Artwork – We show you how to make your own silhouette artwork from melted crayons.
  3. Framed Handprint Collage – You and your family can create your own art for your wall at home inspired by our hanprint collage artwork.
  4. Alphabet Milk Bottle Tops – Make use of household items like milk bottle tops and use them as an alphabet learning aid.
  5. Iced Eggs – Make your own iced eggs. They can be filled with flowers and leaves picked up from the garden or when you are on a walk. Read on to see how to set up your iced egg activity.
  6. Making Doctors’ Uniforms – Imagination play – make your own dress up doctors uniforms… the superheroes of our times! Thanks to all our current and future doctor and nurse superheros.
  7. Family Dinner Topics Jar – Create your own family dinner topics jar – something you can dip into and enjoy during meal times. For a fun go to family topics collection.
  8. Egg Box Fun – A lovely activity for little ones- egg box fun. They can practice their pincer grip, counting and colours. Read on for more details on how to set up your own egg box learning tool.
  9. Post-Lockdown Jar – Create your own post lockdown jar – a jar full of ideas of fun family things to do when you are able to go on more adventures outside the home/local area. Check out this article for how they created their post lockdown list.
  10. Paddling Pool Cinema – Have fun cinema times in the comfort of your own… paddling pool! Check out this cinema at home idea.
  11. Transparent Egg – Try this science experiment at home and make your own transparent egg. What an egg-cellent idea! We show you this see through egg experiment.
  12. Tissue Paper Hair Colouring – Have fun trying new hair colours at home. For inspiration read unicorn haircolouring at home.
  13. Indoor Miniature Gardens – Do your kids have green fingers? Let them create their own green spaces inside. Gardening when you don’t have a garden and even when it is raining! We show you how to make your own miniture indoor gardens.
  14. Chalk Mural – Make your own chalk murals. Fill your patios and pathways with colour and create your own chalk masterpiece.
  15. Family Fun Fete – Set up a day of fun by designing your own family fete! A great way for a full day of family fun at your fete at home celebration.
  16. Lockdown Memoire – Log the times that we are going through by making your own lockdown memoire. A diary of our 2020 pandemic experience.
  17. Paper Dolls – Make your own paper dolls, see how far they can go around your home! A lovely craft that can support the topics of the importance of diversity, community and connection through craft.
  18. Lava Lamps – A lovely science experiment where you can create your own lava lamp. A fun STEAM lava experiment.
  19. House Chalk Art – Decorate the outside of your home with chalk. Creating your own chalk graffiti art.
  20. Indoor Garden – You don’t have a garden at home… you can just create your own indoor garden with this inside garden.
  21. Date Night – Enjoy a date night at home, and get the kids to help plan it with you. Read on for some date night inspiration.
  22. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Set up a scavenger hunt at home or in the garden and look for shapes of the alphabet in this scavenger hunt for kids.
  23. Friend Cutout – Make your own cut outs of people. Some cardboard friends and a chance to us this as a base to talk about the qualities of a good friend..
  24. Teddy Bear Picnic – Enjoy a teddy bears picnic at home with your toys. Have fun setting up your own real or imaginary picnic with teddies and other toys.
  25. Duck Cheese Sandwich – Make sandwiches more fun- shape them and make your plates more interesting and fun with this sandwich snacktivity.
  26. When Corona Is Over – Get your whole family to write/draw all the things they want to do with this post corona wish list.
  27. Pee Pad Painting – Create some art using something other than paper… how about pee pads with this alternative painting canvas idea.
  28. Simple Violet Lemonade – Make your own violet lemonade at home. Check out our homemade violet lemonade.
  29. Foldable Cardboard Playhouse – Make a playhouse at home out of cardboard that you can fold up when it’s not being played with. We show you how to make your own foldable cardboard playhouse.
  30. Puzzle With A Twist – Use puzzles that you have at home, but use them differentlly. Here we show you how with this puzzle upgrade.
  31. Stick Rainbow – Make your own beautiful rainbow out of sticks.
  32. Playdough Cupcakes – Have fun making your own playdoh cupcakes.
  33. Pine Cone Creations – Let your imaginations go wild when making creations from pinecones.
  34. Mini Theme Park – Have fun designing and making your own mini theme park. See here for theme park at home inspiration.
  35. Cardboard Box Car/Rocket – Turn that cardboard into something amazing like a car or a rocket let your cardboard creativity go wild.
  36. Jack and the Beanstalk – Lean into storytime and make them come to life! Why not create your own giant beanstalk.
  37. Husband Lockdown Birthday – Check this out for some lockdown birthday inspiration.
  38. Bee Finger Prints – Use your fingerprints to make some stunning family art. Here we show you one family’s Bee Finger Print Art for the home.
  39. Wooden Rainbow Heart – We show you how to make a wooden rainbow heart.
  40. Stickman – Stickman! We show you how to make a giant stickman.
  41. Bubble Wrap Fish Art – Use bubble wrap when painting, check out these colourful bubble wrap fish art pictures.
  42. Flat Lay Photography – Create your own photoshoot, why not try this fab idea – Lay Flat Photography.
  43. Giant Wicker Rainbow – Make your own giant wicker rainbow.
  44. Dress Up Day – Why not have a weekly dress up dinner, check this out for some fab ideas for weekly dinner dress up.
  45. Millionaire’s Shortbread – Make your own millionaires shortbread with this millionaire shortbread recipe.
  46. Homemade Crazy Golf – Crazy golf at home – sure, why not. Here we show you how one family made a crazy golf course at home.
  47. Simple Sponge Traybake – Share those tasty memories of school day tray bakes with your kids. Here we show you how to make a simple and delicious sponge traybake. Using this sponge traybake recipe.
  48. Nature Paintbrushes – We show you how to make your own paintbrushes from things you have found in nature.
  49. Handmade Teepee – Why not have a go at making your own teepee.
  50. Hexagon Shaped Wallpaper – Why not revamp a wall or two at home by creating your own hexagon wallpaper design.
  51. Salt Dough Treasures – Make a treasure at home, your own salt dough keepsake.
  52. Homemade Escape Room – Have a laugh designing and taking part in your own escape room at home .
  53. Avocado Tray Turtles – Use your recycling (like avocado trays) to make your own homemade turtle creations.
  54. Rainbow Spaghetti – Have some messy playtime at home using rainbow coloured spaghetti.
  55. Tin Can Flower Vase – Yarn art, decorate a tin can with tarn and make your own unique flower vases.
  56. 3D Rainbow Cloud – Make your own 3D paper cloud rainbow art.
  57. Milk Bottle Birdfeeder – Use an old plastic milk bottle and make a birdfeeder.
  58. T-Shirt Art – Become a fashion designer in training. Vamp up some plain t-shirts into your own personalised t-shirt.
  59. Gone Fishing – Here we show you how to create your own inside fishing game for kids.
  60. School Prom Night – Host your own School Disco or prom night at home.
  61. VE Day Craft Aeroplane – Let your imagination fly and make your own cardboard aeroplane.
  62. Elephant Milk Carton – Do you love Elmer the elephant? Use a plastic milk carton to make your own elephant.
  63. Rag Wreath – Use old material around the home to design and make a rag wreath.
  64. Backyard Camping – If you have a backgarden make use of it (if not, set up inside) and enjoycamping at home.
  65. Rolling Pin Rainbow – Find a new way to create art – try using a rollerpin and paint to make a gaint rainbow.
  66. Chip Shop Cone – Serve up a family favourite in a different way – like a traditional chip shop cone.
  67. Hungry Caterpillar Craft – Read the Hungry Caterpillar book and make your own caterpillar creations.
  68. Dandelion Biscuits – Check out some different flavour biscuit recipies like this dandelion biscuit recipe.
  69. Colour Sort & Match Game – Let your little ones have fun playing a simple homemade colour sort and match game.
  70. Pallet Wine Rack – One for the adults, that the big kids can help with. Using some pallets make your own wine rack.
  71. Counting Crafts Game – Here is a simple game idea for young children to develop counting skills game.
  72. Outdoor Cinema – Why not have a cinema night at home, and if you have outside space set up a outside cinema.
  73. Shape & Colour Hunt – Let your little ones take the lead and go around the house in search of certain shapes and/or colours on this colour and shape hunt.
  74. Cress Head Flower Pots – Make some fun cress or flower pots and make them stand out by designing them as minions or othercharacter- themed flower pots.
  75. Lego Art Project – Get creative with your lego and construct something you would love in your local area with this Lego design project.
  76. Wooden Heart Rainbow Handprints – Create an artistic masterpiece at home with your family by making rainbow handprints heart art.
  77. Mix up at the Movies – Set up a family quiz night and have fun creating your own movie inspired photos.
  78. Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches – Make some tasty treats, like these chocolate cookies.
  79. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder – Feed the birds with a homemade toilet roll bird feeder.
  80. Mini Boat Making Project – Work together to design your own mini boats.
  81. Sweet Shop Fun – Set up your own sweet shop at home, make the signs and packaging and have fun picking out your favourite treats in your sweet shop at home.
  82. Paper Mache Olaf – If you have Frozen fans at home, why not construct your own Olaf from paper mache.
  83. Garden Mini Ramp – For any skateboarders, set up a space and design your own mini skating ramp.
  84. Cosy Coupe Respray – Pimp your ride – childrens’ ride on toy style. Check out this respray of a cosy coupe.
  85. Safari Park – Set up your toy animals at home and use your imagination to create your safari at home.
  86. Finding Woodland Folk – Make your own fairies and woodland folk and then hide them to create your own fairy hunt.
  87. Shower Curtain Room Transformation – Transform your room quickly and easily into a scene from Harry Potter by using this shower curtain transformation hack.
  88. Stick/Twig Heart Craft – Go and gather some sticks, bring them home and create your own stick heart artwork.
  89. None Sew Rabbit – Create your own toys using socks, just like this none sew rabbit toy.
  90. Anniversary Dress Up – Celebrate whenever you can! If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, get the whole family to dress up to celebrate.
  91. Peek-a-Boo Family – Make your own photo keepsake that can entertain little ones by creating a peek-a-boofamily album .
  92. Pom-Pom Rainbow Wreath – Make some pom poms and put them together to create your own art work, just like this rainbow wreath made from pom poms.
  93. Old Shirt to Mini-Dress – Upcycle some of your old clothes into beautiful clothes for someone else. Here we show you how to turn an old shirt into a beautiful upcycled mini dress.
  94. Dinosaur Busy Board – Need something to keep your little one busy, we show you how to make them a dinosaur busy board.
  95. Teddy Sensory Busyboard – If you would prefer a teddy busy board, look here for this great sensory teddy shaped busy board.
  96. Photography Composites – Create amazing photos of your children flying into space by using some photograph editing fun.
  97. Tin Can Flowers – Cut and paint tin cans to create your own tin can flowers.
  98. Blind Taste Challenge – Set up a blind tasting challenge at home, we show you some ideas for things to include on the blind tasting event.
  99. Big Art Attack – Did you love Art Attack when you were young? Set up your own giant art attack artwork.
  100. You’ve got a friend in Wilson – Another cultural reference for you here too… do you remember the ball Wilson from Castaway? Have fun making your own Wilson friend.
  101. Paper Mache Piggy Bank – Teach your little ones about saving and make with them their own piggy bank – paper mache style.
  102. Cardboard Animals – Create your own farm, jungle or safari by making animals out of cardboard.
  103. Cardboard Letter Art – Make a carboard letter of your child’s initials and let them decorate them with their favourite colours, a lovely room art idea.
  104. Car Track Driving – Make your painting race off the page. Use small cars to wheel the paint about and create your own car track artwork.
  105. Rainbow Candle – Don’t throw away old broken crayons, give them a new purpose and make a rainbow candle.
  106. Handprint Embroidery Memento – Get your threads out and create your own embroidery handprint artwork.
  107. Lockdown Photo Shoot – Ideal for babies, but really you could adapt to any age. Have fun creating your own photoshoots at home.
  108. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs – Attention dinosaur fans! Create your own Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World at home and amaze your children with frozen dinosaur eggs.
  109. Cardboard Slot Machine – Missing the arcades? Make your own slot machine at home with inspiration from this homemade cardboard slot machine arcade game.
  110. Funky Fingers – This funky fingers activity is great for the improvement of dexterity skills in children. Why not have a go at this object placing activity.
  111. Planting Sunflowers
  112. String Art Painting
  113. Lolly Stick Fairy House
  114. Gin Shelf
  115. Spiderweb Watercolour
  116. Twig Lights Garden Feature
  117. Cardboard Car Park
  118. Worry Jar
  119. PS4 Controller Makeover
  120. Cardboard BBQ & Food
  121. Rainbows & Photos
  122. Cut Out Kids
  123. Wooden Peg Fairies
  124. Cardboard Letter Lockdown
  125. Cardboard TV
  126. Teepee Tent
  127. Silhouette Painting
  128. Spring Posters
  129. Healthy Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes
  130. Twig Art Project
  131. Hand & Feet Dinosaurs
  132. Krabby Patty Races Game
  133. Up-Cycled Desk Tidy
  134. Lockfest
  135. Lava Making
  136. School of Life
  137. Spooky Cardboard Graveyard
  138. Rainbow Afternoon Tea
  139. Crayon Rainbow Rain
  140. Superhero Escape Room
  141. Time to Learn Colours
  142. Family Sunrise
  143. Remembrance Rainbow Project
  144. Flower Craft Activity
  145. TwigWam
  146. Pizza Delivery
  147. Wine Bottle Lamp
  148. Seed Bombs
  149. Teddy Bear Zip Line
  150. Matching Colours and Pictures
  151. Neon Glow in the Dark Bowling Party
  152. Rainbow Flowers
  153. Crayon Painting
  154. A-Z Photo Challenge
  155. Lockdown Graduation
  156. Lockdown 2020 Memories
  157. Gothic/Halloween Birthday Dinner Party
  158. Lockdown Pub Crawl Date Night
  159. Toy Story Family
  160. Bleached T-shirt
  161. Smarties Cookies
  162. Homemade Water Sprinkler
  163. Floating Rice Words
  164. Happy Milky Flower Scooping
  165. Making a Cauldron
  166. Tyre Planter
  167. Family Lockdown Marathon!
  168. Jurassic Park Birthday
  169. Stop Motion Animation
  170. Herb Planter
  171. Indian Cuisine Night
  172. Fresh New Art
  173. Barefoot Sensory Walk
  174. Mud Kitchen
  175. Frozen Yoghurt Drops
  176. Popsicle Stick House
  177. Family footprints keepsake
  178. Dinosaur Day Celebration
  179. Shrinkie Dinkies
  180. Nature Rainbow
  181. Alphablocks Loo Rolls
  182. Mr Hugley in Lockdown
  183. Hair Bows
  184. Fruit and Vegetable Day
  185. Children’s Art Wall
  186. Craft treehouse
  187. Happy 1st Rainbow Birthday
  188. Rainbow Heart Craft
  189. Covid Col and Verity Virus Cakes
  190. Rock Candy
  191. Tablecloth Bunting
  192. Dandelion Playdough
  193. Paper Beads
  194. Masking Tape Road
  195. DIY Cardboard Kitchen Set
  196. Rainbow Fudge
  197. Big Box Craft
  198. Potion Pots
  199. Fairy House
  200. Beach Hut Den
  201. No Mess Painting
  202. Coloured Shadow Play
  203. Number Postboxes
  204. Decorating Shoes
  205. Frozen Cocktails
  206. Gingerbread Salt Dough Family
  207. Stationary Cuboard for Home Learning
  208. Magnetic Pressed Flower Frame
  209. Allergy-Free Cupcakes
  210. Kids Magnetic Board
  211. Milk Carton Flower Pots
  212. Fingerprint Heart ?
  213. Freddie’s Construction Site
  214. Sun Lounger
  215. Old Playhouse to Beach Hut
  216. Nursery Re-Design
  217. Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  218. Cardboard Box Castle
  219. Tuff Tray Activity
  220. Rainbow Electric Meter Cupboard
  221. Painted Stones Snake
  222. Frozen Unicorn Chalk
  223. Bedroom Wall Art Project
  224. The Lonely Seagull Picture
  225. Tropical/Hawaiian party
  226. My Daddy is a hero Father’s Day image
  227. Playing with Post-It Notes
  228. Family Portrait from Kid’s Art
  229. American Themed Dinner
  230. Moon Sand Tuff Tray Activity
  231. Family Sunset 3D Tree
  232. Magic Words and Phonics
  233. Sea vs Pond Sensory Bin
  234. Circus Night
  235. Memory wall
  236. Pretend Trip To Brazil
  237. Time shadow drawing!
  238. School From Home
  239. Snowboarding in Lockdown
  240. 10th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
  241. Teddy lockdown
  242. Chalk Art
  243. Family Funfair
  244. Kids Photography
  245. Flower Smash
  246. Marvel Twig Art
  247. Sensory Space
  248. Natural Playground
  249. Tyre Fairy Garden
  250. Hotel Buffet Breakfast
  251. Beach To Us
  252. BBQ Peri-Peri Chicken
  253. Fence Painting with Stencils
  254. French Patisserie
  255. Sunrise Picnic
  256. Piggy Mud Bath
  257. Rainbow Feet
  258. Alphabet Treasure Hunt
  259. Promoting Equality
  260. Marble Run Craft
  261. Family Hand Print Tree
  262. Firefighting For Toddlers
  263. Gala House Decoration
  264. Disneyland Day
  265. Last Day Of School Obstacle Course
  266. Wool cloud Rainbows
  267. Construction play
  268. The Room on the Broom
  269. Birthday Slytherin Common Room
  270. Cookies and Cream slow cooker fudge
  271. Camp Disney
  272. Den building
  273. DIY Busy Board
  274. Pouring Activity for Toddlers
  275. Christmas Day
  276. Sand and Water Table
  277. Frozen Flowers Sensory Activity
  278. Baby Adventures
  279. Fathers Day Art
  280. Spray Paint Art
  281. Dolly’s Birthday Party
  282. Pretend Wedding Day
  283. DIY Playhouse
  284. DIY Peg Number Board
  285. Egg splat painting!
  286. Handmade princess bed
  287. Fruit Boats & Grape People
  288. Cardboard House
  289. Paper Roll Race Car
  290. Zentangling
  291. Pretend Trip To Argentina
  292. Teepee Den
  293. Dinosaur Afternoon Tea
  294. Mask Hanger
  295. Nerf Gun War
  296. DIY Dolls House
  297. Water Wall
  298. Tiger Who Came To Tea
  299. Hair Scrunchie holder
  300. Homemade Sand
  301. Exploring Early Years Maths
  302. Pinecone Letters
  303. Living Life Through Themes
  304. 3D Numbers
  305. Life Size Kids Drawing
  306. Gruffalo Pie
  307. Flower Mirror
  308. Rainbow Bubble Braids
  309. The Gift Of Time Box
  310. Harry Potter Themed Birthday
  311. Beauty Salon
  312. Galaxy Cardboard Project
  313. Fun Kids Food
  314. Dining Table Revamp
  315. Rainbow Hearts
  316. Rainbow Log
  317. Pride Rainbow Picture
  318. Spaghetti and Marshmallows Fun
  319. HQ & Dangermouse
  320. Chocolate Dipping Strawberries
  321. Wooden Bunting
  322. Bookcase Doll’s House
  323. Personalised Toy Boxes
  324. Food Art
  325. Stop Motion Animation
  326. Dinosaur-Themed Reading Corner
  327. Lockdown Hand Art
  328. Treasure Maps
  329. New York Themed Dinner
  330. Passport Idea
  331. Lockdown Festival
  332. Flower pounding
  333. Kerby Game
  334. Snack Plate Art
  335. Coloured Shadow Bat Wings
  336. Superhero House
  337. Dressing Up
  338. Learn To Use Scissors
  339. Barbie Swim Craft
  340. Magical Creature Trap
  341. Coronabears
  342. Bee House
  343. Escape Room
  344. Beach Hut BBQ Area
  345. Drinks Bottle Bowling
  346. Indoor Camp
  347. Fairy Garden
  348. Robot Factory
  349. Treasure Hunt
  350. Feet painting
  351. Ben 10 Alien Biscuits
  352. Growth Chart
  353. Superheroes Weapons
  354. Food for kids
  355. Lockdown Family CD Heart
  356. Balcony Camping
  357. A Birthday Trip To The Fair
  358. Pressed Flowers
  359. French Holiday in the Garden
  360. Music festival at home
  361. Father’s Day Idea
  362. DIY Bowling Alley
  363. Lockdown Homeschooling Graduation
  364. Cardboard Arcade
  365. Harry Potter Room
  366. At home nursery graduation
  367. Scarecrow trail fundraiser
  368. Rainbow Pancakes
  369. Pressed Flower Lockdown Memory
  370. DIY Climbing Frame and Den
  371. Pepsi Max Pull Ring Hanger
  372. Home Bar
  373. Garden Corner Sofa with Playpen
  374. Pirate Obstacle Course
  375. Dress Making
  376. Treasure Hunt/Rescue
  377. Japan Day
  378. NHS Thank you Bunting
  379. Hand Washing Station
  380. 3D Buddha
  381. That’s not my…
  382. Shadow Gender Reveal
  383. Cloud Watching
  384. Nature Ninjas!
  385. Washing Line Fun
  386. Baby Fruit Bath
  387. Mum-Made Beach
  388. Masking Tape Train Track
  389. Millions Vodka
  390. Playstation Themed Birthday Party!
  391. Chocolate/Sweet Art
  392. Rice crispy Snowmen
  393. Bug hotel
  394. Toy Story Cardboard Box Wardrobe
  395. Chalk Photographs
  396. Chocolate Bouquet
  397. Birthday Cake Smash
  398. Visiting Aphrodite’s Rock
  399. Food Illusions
  400. Spelling Game
  401. Making Rain
  402. Carnival & Movie night themed birthday
  403. Father’s Day Workshop Sign
  404. Mirror of Wishes Poem
  405. Boxed Frame Art
  406. The Weekend Box
  407. Rainbow Cheesecake
  408. Rain Stick
  409. Rainbow Sponge Cake
  410. Egg Box Wreath
  411. Rocket Counting
  412. Photo Themed Birthdays
  413. Chocolate Explosion Box
  414. Fairy Painted Rock Garden
  415. T-shirts for Toys
  416. Bumble Bee
  417. Number Thief Game
  418. Mexican Dinner
  419. The Golden Apple
  420. Cot Teepee
  421. Circus and Carnival Birthday Party
  422. Place Value Sorting Activity
  423. Dinosaur Biscuits
  424. Birthday Trap Surprise
  425. Jelly and Sea Animals Messy Play
  426. Nursery Artwork Idea
  427. Alphabet Pebbles
  428. Mirror Drawing
  429. Numbered Slate Stones
  430. Rainbow Cookies
  431. Bug Catching
  432. Matching Objects by Colour
  433. Re Enacting Our Wedding Photo!
  434. Pebble Art
  435. Sleep fairy ?
  436. Rainbow Fish
  437. Nature Kid
  438. Stone Match
  439. Dinosaur Reading Corner
  440. Flower Power
  441. Shadow Art
  442. Phases of the Moon
  443. Family Outdoor Time
  444. Hugs from Afar
  445. Thank You Teacher ??‍?
  446. Pom Pom Rainbow Wreath
  447. Promise Day, instead of Wedding Day
  448. Daisy Threading
  449. Weaving
  450. Pallet Furniture
  451. Rainbow Photo Shoot
  452. Family Colour Series
  453. Afternoon Tea Box
  454. Pinecone Animals and Decorations
  455. Butterfly Balloon Display
  456. Tin Foil Bracelets
  457. Rainbow Pancakes
  458. Make a KFC Cake ???
  459. Coral Reef Theatre
  460. Duplo Geoboard
  461. Paper Plate Sun Catchers
  462. Bedroom Revamp
  463. Space Party
  464. Rice Sensory Cakes
  465. Disco Bath Time
  466. Peg and Fence Game
  467. Sensory Bags
  468. Puffy Chalk Paints
  469. Ladybird Apple Prints
  470. Peter Rabbit Table and Chairs
  471. Hedgehog Counting
  472. Dyed Pistachio Shells
  473. High Contrast Image Box
  474. Animal Rescue & Sort
  475. Simple Sink Play
  476. Nature Art
  477. Floral Crown
  478. Cheddar & Leek Muffins
  479. Nature Art
  480. Family Jar of Fun
  481. Funny Bones Skeleton Art
  482. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  483. Summer Garden Fair
  484. Knight Theme Party
  485. Rice Glitter
  486. Colour Fizz
  487. Lego Marble Maze
  488. Memorial Garden & Summerhouse
  489. Butterfly Wings
  490. Fish Bubbles
  491. Spaghetti STEM
  492. Digging for Treasure
  493. Cloud Dough Play
  494. Become a Firefighter
  495. Easy Towel Designing
  496. Red Fruit Surprise!
  497. Petal Soup Messy Play
  498. Aladdin Vinyl Glitter Bottles
  499. Bus Under The Stairs
  500. Brush with Bear
  501. Counting in 2s
  502. Cardboard Doll’s House
  503. Rainbow Pinecone Art
  504. Mini Ice Hockey
  505. Mini Hoops
  506. Threading Pasta
  507. Colourful Dragon Wings
  508. Toy Story Snack Platter
  509. Fruit Rainbow
  510. Bubble Painting
  511. Shape Toss
  512. Shaving Foam Ice Cream
  513. Rainbow Shadow Art
  514. Homemade Claw Machine
  515. Galaxy in a Jar
  516. Honeybee Sensory Bin
  517. Frozen Veg Patch
  518. Sunken Treasure??‍☠️
  519. Nature Suncatchers
  520. Fizzing Stars
  521. ? Fishy Phonics ?
  522. Lockdown Sunrise
  523. Pizza Slice Matching
  524. Toilet Roll Beehive
  525. Cardboard Unicorn Box
  526. Our Beating Heart
  527. Cardboard Moving Hand
  528. Football Bedroom Redecoration
  529. Mini Fritattas
  530. Scoop and Pour Activity
  531. Edible Paints
  532. Octonauts Co-ordinates & Compass
  533. Number Craft
  534. Indoor Sensory Walk
  535. Garden in Watercolour
  536. Home Art Gallery
  537. Finish the Scribble
  538. Cinema Night In
  539. DIY Cake Smash
  540. DIY Notice Board
  541. Beach Clean Up
  542. Handprint Painting
  543. Disney Party Day!
  544. Rainbow Craft
  545. Let’s Play Hairdressers
  546. Deconstructed Baked Potatoes
  547. Sunset Club
  548. Custom Made Beds
  549. Robot Playdoh
  550. Cupcake Yumminess!
  551. Flip and Add
  552. Nature Name Art
  553. Pizza and Dough Balls
  554. Staircase Revamp
  555. Homeschool Graduation
  556. Recycling An Old Shed
  557. Festivals at Home
  558. Mini Lockdown Bar
  559. Frozen Cookies
  560. Nature Bracelets
  561. Parent/Child Swap Day
  562. Mountain Mural
  563. Frozen Inspired Tutu
  564. A Pub at Home
  565. Creating a Pond
  566. Cardboard Castle
  567. Salt Crystals
  568. Rainbow Cottage
  569. Toothbrush Training
  570. Chocolate Banana Brownies
  571. DInosaur House Party?
  572. Wallpaper Sample Feature Wall
  573. Nature Windows
  574. Creamy Kale Caesar Salad
  575. Broomstick Making
  576. Chinese Dinner
  577. Homemade Volcano
  578. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Finger Painted Patterns
  579. Make a Toy
  580. Mud Play Dough
  581. The Sun Has Got His Hat On ☀️
  582. Cake Making
  583. Mirror Mom
  584. Counting with Stickers
  585. DIY Bird Feeder
  586. All Things Shiny
  587. Matching Hands and Feet
  588. Spa At Home
  589. Build a Treefort in the Garden
  590. Nursery Rhyme Wooden Spoons
  591. Fufu Cloud Writing
  592. Colour Mixing in Puddles
  593. R is for Rainbow
  594. Butterfly Print Making
  595. Pearl Couscous
  596. Shaker Salad
  597. Fabric Pom Poms
  598. Butterfly Sponge Printing
  599. Beach Theme Activity
  600. Repeating Patterns
  601. Leaf Painting
  602. Add Seeds to the Strawberry
  603. Colour Ball Drop
  604. Beetroot Stamps
  605. Pallet Wood Play House
  606. Chicken Pulao
  607. Minion Tyres
  608. Perfume Making Station
  609. Custard Cream Cake Baking
  610. DIY Rainbow Puzzle
  611. How Many Ladybeetles?
  612. Counting with Cereal
  613. Nature Potions
  614. Sensory Owl Babies
  615. Cardboard Treasure Chest
  616. Homemade Pop Tarts
  617. Minions Toilet Roll
  618. Rapunzel Hair
  619. Nutella Fruit Tree
  620. Cinnamon & Blueberry French Toast
  621. Colour Changing Ice cream
  622. Measuring with Blocks
  623. Directionality – A Pre Reading Skill
  624. DIY Reading Whisper Phones!
  625. Banana Biscuits
  626. Oreo Moon Phases
  627. Sand Art with Homemade Sand
  629. Directional Signpost
  630. Nature Weaving Board
  631. Circus at Home
  632. Dinosaur Land
  633. Dino Muddy Footprints
  634. Messy Cupcakes
  635. Story Stones
  636. Artist Turned Baker
  637. Pattern Spice Painting
  638. Fun Ways to Practice Multiplication
  639. Trashman Recycling Play
  640. Cardboard Ice Cream Van
  641. Lego Noughts and Crosses
  642. Egg Carton Garden
  643. Unicorn Salon
  644. Maths Challenge
  645. Learning Diversity
  646. Dinosaur Collage
  647. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity
  648. Busy Bees
  649. Puffy Ice Cream
  650. π with craft
  651. Dinosaur Sensory Tuff Tray
  652. Apple Zig Zag Run
  653. Paper Plate Birds
  654. Sand-Foam Ice Cream
  655. The Elements
  656. Monkey Paper Bag Activity
  657. 4 Ingredient Biscoff Fudge
  658. Perfume Making
  659. Make a Snake
  660. Car Tunnels
  661. Colour Mixing
  662. Recycled Tub Boats
  663. Seaside Phonics with Play Dough
  664. Couscous Treasure Hunt
  665. Fruity Tarts
  666. Potato Family
  667. Octopus Counting
  668. Swat the Sound
  669. Homeschool Graduation Arcade Party
  670. Asteroid Toss
  671. Soda Bottle Painting
  672. Hot Air Balloon Craft
  673. Pirate Party ?‍☠️
  674. Counting giraffe
  675. Sight Words Shaving Foam
  676. Repeating Patterns
  677. Gruffalo Crumble!
  678. DIY Language Cards
  679. Pasta Play
  680. Fill the Caterpillar
  681. Sensory Play Dough
  682. Edible Paint!
  683. Spaghetti Smash!
  684. Cardboard Binoculars and Camera
  685. Dandelion Art
  686. Doll Cake
  687. Quinoa Sensory Art
  688. Egg Painting
  689. Peppermint Chocolate Slice
  690. Porridge Cups
  691. Pine Cone Painting
  692. How to make a Pumpkin Baby Seat
  693. Fairy Wands
  694. Colorful Fishes
  695. Princess Crown Tarts
  696. Pine Cone Bird Feeders
  697. Shape Tracing
  698. Exploring Emotions
  699. Salt and Glue Painting
  700. DIY Kaleidoscope
  701. Imaginary Fishing Game?
  702. Box Golf
  703. Potion Making ?
  704. Apple & Cinnamon Granola Bars
  705. Sensory Butterflies
  706. Nature Bookmark
  707. Exploding Kittens
  708. Rain Cloud Mobile
  709. Playdough Cafe
  710. Name Recognition
  711. Coconut and Berry Breakfast Bars
  712. Mini Clothes Line Activity
  713. Thank You Art
  714. Jelly Dig
  715. Pond and Slime Sensory Play
  716. Cereal Maths
  717. Catch a Star
  718. Mixing Station
  719. Sequence
  720. Dungeons and Dragons
  721. Mario Monoploly
  722. Frustration
  723. Think Words
  724. Super Mario Feature Wall
  725. Turtles
  726. Numbers and Shapes Recognition
  727. Dande-lion Craft
  728. Blueberry and Banana Fritters
  729. Virtual Tour of Iceland
  730. Frozen Animal Rescue
  731. Ship Making
  732. Monster Highway
  733. Dried Leaf Art
  734. Rummikub
  735. Beat the Parents
  736. Bugacula
  737. Fruit Kebabs
  738. Rainbow Nature Hunt
  739. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Art
  740. Balloon Colour Matching
  741. Slide Painting with Cars
  742. Balloon Planet Painting
  743. Polar Bear Face Shapes
  744. Earth ? Craft
  745. Leaf Threading
  746. Cardboard Tube Snakes
  747. Kersplat
  748. Magic Butterfly ?
  749. Create your own Volcano and Swamp!
  750. Peach Melba Breakfast Bars
  751. Rainbow Letters and Trace
  752. Salt Dough Ladybirds
  753. Nature Paintbrushes
  754. Rainbow Watermelon Pizza
  755. Jelly Sea
  756. Pebble Art
  757. Nature Stamping
  758. Frozen Oobleck Ice Cream Parlor
  759. 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough
  760. Cardboard and Rice Snail
  761. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  762. Ocean Puzzle
  763. Letter S Activities
  764. Rainbow ice
  765. Counting Raindrops
  766. Ice Cream Stick Ballerinas
  767. Gross Snot
  768. Glitter Bottle
  769. Roasted Vegetables with Herbs
  770. Paper Pinwheels
  771. Car Color Sort
  772. Heart Suncatcher
  773. Cherry and Almond Pancake Muffins
  774. Rainbow Toast
  775. Painting With Water
  776. Hair Cut Madness
  777. Marble Maze
  778. Make your own Messy Eggshell Painting
  779. Gruffalo Crumble
  780. Wiggly Worm
  781. Watermelon Pizza
  782. Raspberry Waffles
  783. Story Spoons
  784. Fine Motor Pulley Scoop
  785. Milky Way Ooblek
  786. London Bus Number Bonds
  787. Rainbow Salt
  788. Park the Toy Car
  789. Ladybug Counting Game
  790. Yahtzee
  791. Magic Potion
  792. Fibber Game
  793. Five Crowns
  794. ABC Builders
  795. Fudgy Brownies
  796. Oats Pancake
  797. Tidy Time
  798. Bunny and Pig cupcakes
  799. Counting Mr. Lion’s Teeth
  800. T-Shirt Folding Board
  801. Carnival Party
  802. Toilet Roll Butterflies
  803. Ice and Fluff
  804. Rose Syrup
  805. Family Memory Board
  806. Learning Left from Right
  807. Pallet Play
  808. Phonics Fun Box
  809. How to make Almond Banana Bread
  810. Mirror Play
  811. Straw Painting
  812. Adventure Picture
  813. Ping Pong Ball Target
  814. Homemade Lemonade
  815. Tree Art
  816. Make your own Peg Butterfly
  817. Unplugged Keyboard
  818. Pebble Pets
  819. Mums Get In The Photograph
  820. Peg Doll Painting
  821. How to make a Cardboard Number Wall
  822. Parts of Plants
  823. How to make Painted Rock People
  824. Fine Motor Skills Play: Pasta Rescue
  825. Shadow Activity: Colorful Dinosaurs!
  826. How to make a Chicken Pox Colour Match Activity
  827. How to make an Aquarium Sensory Jar
  828. How to make a Sticky Worm Wall
  829. How to make Autumn Hedgehog Playdough ?
  830. Colorful Lion Scissor Craft
  831. How to make Marshmallow Spiderwebs
  832. Sensory Play: How to make a Fruit Tea Rainbow
  833. How to make Paper Bag Animal Puppets
  834. Harry Potter Activities
  835. How to make Plastic Bag Pumpkins
  836. How to make a Seed Painting
  837. How to make a No Bake Cheesecake
  838. Lady and the Tramp Evening
  839. Make your own Pumpkin Stamp
  840. STEM Activity: Color Changing Flowers
  841. Halloween Party Food Ideas
  842. How to make a Popsicle Stick Frame
  843. Have a Rainbow Birthday Party
  844. How to make No Carve Cute Pumpkins
  845. Make your own Autumn Wreath
  846. Make your own Paper Plate Ghost
  847. Snacktivity: Fall Tree
  848. Make your own Egg Carton Poppy Fields
  849. How to make Witches Broom Treat Bags
  850. Make your own Halloween Tree
  851. Make your own Cotton Bud Flower Art
  852. Make your own Garden Chalkboards
  853. How to make Halloween Monsters
  854. How to make Loo Roll Bats
  855. Make your own Herb Planter
  856. Let your children start a Beauty Salon at Home
  857. Make a Stonehenge Model
  858. Halloween Craft Ideas
  859. Halloween Crafts: Make your own Pumpkin Prints
  860. How to make Halloween Character Footprint Art
  861. Make your own Moana Sensory Play Tray
  862. How to make Handy Halloween Crafts
  863. Make your own Halloween Witch
  864. How to make Apple Stamp Pumpkins
  865. Make your own Skeleton Craft using Earbuds
  866. Make your own Fridge Monster
  867. Make your own Mini Treat Brooms
  868. Make your own Taste Safe Foam
  869. How to make Jar Lanterns
  870. Make your own Yogurt Parfait
  871. Make a Hedgehog Pumpkin
  872. Make your own Spiderweb Activity
  873. Make your own Mud Kitchen
  874. How to make an Autumn Leaf Tree
  875. Make your own Witch in a Tree
  876. Make a Toy Rainbow
  877. Make your own Alternative School Photos
  878. Have a Pamper Night at Home
  879. How to Make a Fairy Jar
  880. Make your own Wet Wipes Advent Calendar
  881. Make your own Christmas Advent Calendar
  882. Make a Sticky Christmas Tree
  883. Make your own Blow Painted Monsters
  884. Make your own Sweet Numbers (Alternative Birthday Cake)
  885. Homemade Advent Calendar
  886. How to make Fruity Egg and Chips

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