Have a Pamper Night at Home! We have lots of ideas to help you create your own pamper night at home, go on, you deserve it! (we all do!) x

Thanks to Ceri, from Wales, for sending in this great pamper night at home idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

We had a pamper night at home. This is so easy and cheap to do. These we’re the bits I did:

-Chocolate covered strawberries
-Mini marshmallows
-Orange juice in a grown up’s prosecco glass (supervised) which they loved!!
-Fairy lights
-Candles (again supervised)
-White noise and a relaxing screen on the telly
-Nail varnish
-Cucumber for their eyes
-Pillow each to lie down on the sofa ready for the pamper
– And not forgetting a little glass of bubbly for me!

Everything worked great and the kids loved it. The only thing I think the kids wanted different was it to last longer.. even though it passed 2 hours of our night.

A photo of a screen with a waterfall on, nail varnish remover, 5 nail varnishes and a plate with green cucumber slices on

Do you have any other projects planned?

Our next project hopefully will be to build a little garage for our little boy’s cars.

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

My name is Ceri. I’m a mum of two and a step mum of one. Ages 5, 5 and nearly 2. We live in Wales.

a photo of a fireplace, fireguard, tea lights and ornaments.

How are you finding being Housebound with Kids?

I’m loving being at home spending a lot of quality time with the family and watching my children grow.

Do you have any tips for other parents?

Get them to use their imagination, express their feelings, and to just enjoy the little things the kids do.

Has this website and community helped you?

I love looking through the housebound with kids website. It has given me loads of great ideas to keep all three of my kids happy and entertained at the same time.
It’s a great website, perfect for any parent/guardian.