Have you every made art with seeds? You can use any seeds that come to hand, in this article pumpkin seeds have been used to great affect. Read on to help inspire you to make your own seed painting.

Thanks to Jennifer, from the United States, who sent in this great seed painting idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

Dye pumpkin seeds using food coloring. Let dry. Draw the outline of a tree trunk for kids. Let them paint inside the trunk and add stems for flowers. Once the paint has dried, have them decorate with colored pumpkin seeds to add leaves and petals. Use craft glue to adhere seeds to canvas. You can use sunflower seeds as well for variety. Encourage kids to get creative. They can use seeds to make birds in the sky, swing, etc.

I enjoyed the simplicity of it and how beautiful it turned out. Also, it is a wonderful accompaniment to a lesson on pumpkin seeds. You could even use it as an extension to pumpkin carving.

A photo of a white canvas with a brown tree, with colourful pumpkin seed "leaves", a swing, flowers and a sun

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

My name is Jennifer. I have three children ages eight, nine, and eleven. I am a teacher/children’s book author from the United States.

Do you have any tips for other parents?

Recess time outdoors is so important. There are many YouTube kids dance/exercise videos that are great to burn energy inside. Games, crafts, educational children’s videos are all great ways to break up the monotony and keep learning.

What are your family’s favourite board game(s)/card game(s)?

We enjoy playing classics such as Scrabble, Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Pictionary, etc.

What are your children’s favourite books?

Mercy Watson, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Swiss Family Robinson

What toys would you recommend to other parents?

Legos, Magna Tiles, Kinetic Sand, Play dough, Etch a Sketch

Has this website and community helped you?

Great resource for parents during these difficult times.

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