Here is a beautiful photography idea to capture your child and their favourite toys. You can make a Toy Rainbow with their colourful toys.

With thanks to Rachael, from England, for sending in this great toy rainbow idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

We made a toy rainbow. Me and, my son, Arthur sorted through 8 boxes of toys to create this! (At the same time mummy got the chance to bin the old ones).

We sorted them all into boxes of colours however Arthur had other ideas and mixed them up! Eventually, we sorted through and then started to assemble the rainbow!

His favourite plush toy is the Toy Story alien, so it had to be added, luckily green and blue are next to each other!

A photo of a young child laying on the ground.  Above him are a rainbow of coloured toys

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

My name is Rachael. I am from England and I am a married mum to one! Who turns 2 next week! @rachael.hewson

How are you finding being Housebound with Kids?

Being in lockdown is a bit of a struggle as we are used to going out on day trips, seeing family and friends although Arthur has been very good seeing as we haven’t been out the house for almost 10 weeks!
We have kept busy doing lots of crafts and lots of garden time, we are very lucky to of had lovely weather during the lockdown!

Has this website and community helped you?

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is getting up to and gaining lots of new ideas to do with my little boy 🙂

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