This has been an eventful year… whether you have a child in school or studying from home why not get some fun photos that you can look back on together.

With thanks to Stephanie, who sent in this great alternative school photo idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

Like most children, my 6yr old daughter Rosie missed out on her school photos (they were scheduled for March/April time) so I decided to create my own version. Rosie absolutely loved it, using props & being able to do her own poses!
We called it Class of Lockdown 2020.
The props used were items that spring to mind with the pandemic everyone worldwide were/are experiencing.

Please don’t think I’m “showing off” with the items! They were all in our cupboard, no stockpiling occurred!!! Hahaha!!! Anyway, here are her photos!!
We had over 7k reactions on Facebook which really made us smile!!! Please feel free to use/adapt to suit your children. It’s a lovely way of remembering! We’re all in this together! Stay safe! Stay kind!

Thanks for reading!


A photo of a girl in a red and white school summer dress.  she is holding hand sanitizer and has lots of toilet rolls and flour packets around her.

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