Here we show you how to make your own egg carton poppy field craft activity at home. You can also adapt it to create other flowers.

Thanks to Tanvi, from New Delhi in India, who sent in this great egg carton poppy fields idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

To make these flowers I cut up the egg carton and then V and I painted them red inside and outside.

Then next I used different black color things (black pompoms, black pipe cleaner cut into pieces, black mustard seeds and black lentils) to put in as seeds.

Finally I hot glued green pipe cleaners to make pretty poppy flowers.

The use of egg cartons was a great way to recycle them. Also, the process was quite simple and the end result amazing!

A photo of red egg carton craft poppies with green stems (pipecleaners) on green card

Do you have any other projects planned?

I am planning to make a cardboard and yarn owl for the autumn theme.

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

I am Tanvi, mum of 2 boys, older one is 4 years and younger one is 6 months. We live in New Delhi, India. We love doing a lot of craft and DIY activities.

A photo of a boy sprinkling seeds in to red cardboard bowls.  there are a red and a yellow bowl on the table

Do you have any tips for other parents?

Take up a theme every week and base activities according to it.

What are your family’s favourite board game(s)/card game(s)?

We love playing snakes and ladders & ludo.

What are your children’s favourite books?

Room on the Broom
Gruffalo series
How to catch a star
The Squirrels who squabbled

What toys would you recommend to other parents?

Wooden open ended toys
Magna tiles

Has this website and community helped you?

It is amazing to have a site where you can get inspired and find all the creative ideas to do.

a photo of coloured plastic bowls with seeds in and dark green pipecleaners and red craft containers