One of our community members shares her idea of making your own herb planter, so you can grow and enjoy your own home-grown herbs. What a lovely idea!

With thanks to Lana, who sent in this great herb planter idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

We made our own herb planter.

First, we decided on the size of the troughs we wanted, then decided how high it was going to be and how many we wanted to have.

My husband wanted to be able to take out the troughs so he measured what it and cut the pieces of decking to go around it. Then nailed the boxes and attached them to 2 long pieces of decking to then screw them onto the wall.

The first box turned out a bit small so we had to dismantle it and start again as we didn’t realise the troughs are wider at the top but once we mastered that the rest was easy.

Do you have any other projects planned?

So we are doing up the whole garden that’s our aim, building a shed, paving the floor then some solar lights.

A photo of a herb planter against a brick wall.

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

My name is Lana, I am 38 yrs old, I have 2 children, my daughter Lava is 17 (18 in a couple of months) and a son Ryan who is 13 who is autistic. I am married and we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this month. We are originally from Kurdistan but I came to the UK at the age of 5.
It’s been quite hard as I am home-schooling my son as well as working from home. He will get on with some of the work but things like PE and art he finds quite difficult. So we have been trying to get him to do something different for each lesson.
It’s important to keep them busy with something different each day. We make pizza as a family, make it a competition between both kids to see who can do the most chores in 1 hour, board game one night, family movie nights, and even play bingo.

Has this website and community helped you?

It’s nice to see families doing stuff together, people getting creative, and getting ideas on what we could do too.

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