Here we have a beautiful winter craft for you. We show you how to make your own woollen winter snowmen. Display them around your home and on the tree.

With thanks to Paula who sent in this great woolen winter snowmen idea. Let’s take a look at them…

What did you do?

We made woollen winter snowmen.

You will need:

Used washed yoghurt drink bottle,
Paper rolls (toilet paper roll, kitchen paper towel rolls,…)
Wool in many colours – we recommend yarn that isn’t too expensive – we love this pack of assorted colours


1, Cut the wool into lengths I did the length of a long ruler.
2, Cut the toilet roll about an inch to make a ring.
3, Fold the wool thread in half and push the loop side through the paper roll.
4, Take the other end and fold it over the paper roll and into the loop. Pull to get a knot.
5, Repeat until you have all the paper roll covered with wool making sure it’s tight with no gaps.
6, Once all is covered you will need to push the wool through the paper roll, twist all threads and just push them through.
7, Now all that is left to do is to tie a knot around the threads to get a nice hat shape and trim the pom-pom to get a nicer shape.
8, remove the label from the yoghurt drink ad glue around the top
9, place the woollen hat onto the bottle,
10, draw a face and add some decorations. I drew a face with a marker and stuck coloured pom poms on for the buttons.

The relaxing nature of making the hat, I found it very relaxing of an evening watching the tv. My daughter liked making the face and decorating the body with pom-poms etc.

a photo of a hand holding cardboard with pink woollen strips hanging down

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Hi, my name is Paula. I’m a newly qualified learning support assistant with a 6-year-old daughter living in Alexandria in Scotland. @p.j.drummond

A photo of a woollen hat on a craft snowman with 3 pink and blue woollen balls and a smily face
A photo of a girl smiling and holding a mini pink woollen hat