Through the creative arts, literacy and science, the Rainbow Factory delivers; interactive and original theatre productions; immersive themed workshops (in-school, online and part of a holiday club). PLUS; high quality and engaging activity-focused publications – all of which enthrall, excite and immerse children into different worlds and beyond!

The product that I would like to draw your attention to is our themed activity book – The Wonder Book: Christmas Edition.

Having had to diversify due to the pandemic (and also after having to close our 7500sq ft of interactive storytelling theatre space) we dipped our toes into publishing – using our experience from the past 5 years of running huge theatrical events and working with hundreds of schools, to produce a mix of what kids love best; magazines, puzzle books, creative crafts and experiments. Called the Wonder Book (because it engages with children’s in a way that boosts their sense of wonder), it boasts over 100+ activities for kids to do, keeping them occupied for HOURS over the festive period, no matter the weather or Covid tier!

Plus it’s super affordable at only £3.99+ Postage (RRP £4.99).

Our Halloween edition was a huge success and we’ve just announced our Christmas edition.

We have been selling the activity book into schools mainly, but don’t want anyone to miss out.

– Hundreds (!!) of incredible themed activities and ideas all for a very affordable price. We have a Huge array of puzzles (mathematical & literacy based), creative crafts, experiments, colouring, games, baking, jokes, top tips, key facts and so much more!.
– Educational, themed & hours of FUN (away from screens!) and a brilliant continued go-to book during rainy days, or when indoors.
– Specially designed to support both children’s academic development and mental wellbeing through sense of achievement.
– Supported by Teachers all over the UK.
– Perfect continued learning activity book for outside of the classroom.
– Ad FREE and learning friendly!

– Make a great stocking filler
– Kick starts the festive season

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The Wonder Book

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Current Offers

We’d like to offer Housebound With Kids group members the same as our Black Friday deal, 4 copies for £14.99, this includes:
– 4 copies of the Wonder Book
– Postage
– No booking fee
– Delivered direct to your door


More Details about The Rainbow Factory:

Where did it all begin?

The Rainbow Factory opened its doors in June 2015 & its story has been unfolding ever since.

Created by Hazel Merlino, with the aim of helping to improve literacy levels & inspiring future generations with a love of reading – by making stories exciting again!

Today’s digital age offers so much knowledge but it also takes out a lot of the work. Children don’t have to use their imaginations as much as they have all the information they need at the touch of a button.

Hazel set out to offer an opportunity for children to be actively involved in storytelling, allowing them to use their imaginations and to experience the sense of excitement & enchantment that great books & fantastic storytelling can inspire…
After all, logic gets us from A-B, but our imaginations takes us everywhere – Albert Einstein

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What we like about the Housebound With Kids community

Not really sure where to start!
– Ultimately to know you’re not alone.
– To gain support from a community that otherwise is hard to currently reach/gain.
– Ideas!!! Love the ideas / knowledge sharing.
– Humour – the sense of humour on some of the posts is brilliant – you need to keep smiling through the dark days.
– The passion that people have is super inspiring.