Becky, who lives in Ireland, started her own blog, called Cuddle Fairy. She shares with us some of her top tips for family wellbeing during these testing times – along with her craft idea “Spring Posters”. Thanks, Becky! Let’s read on…

Please tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m originally from New York and now live in the West of Ireland with my husband and 3 kids. I started my blog, Cuddle Fairy 5 years ago to spread positive thinking and family lifestyle posts. I am also a natural energy healer, offering angelic healings and readings at a distance during this lockdown. 

How are you finding being housebound with kids so far?

There was an initial period of adjustment for us all. I work from home and was used to spending 4-5 hours alone to accommodate work. With the kids here, my schedule had to shift. Also, trying to figure out their school work initially was challenging as well. After a few weeks, we have fallen into a positive routine and are really enjoying being at home together. 

What are your top tips for when you are housebound with kids?

Routine is key with kids regardless of whether you are out and about or home. We are sticking to morning school work because it’s closest to what the kids are used to. We are also heading out into nature at least once a week.

One week we looked at signs of spring, another we studied the small river next to our home. The following week was birds, then butterflies and this week is trees. We walk and study the topic at hand then when we come in, each child creates a project at their particular level. This has been really helpful to have them all on the same topic yet allow them their own creativity and freedom with the project they create.

Another helpful thing has been craft kits. I ordered a variety of them on Amazon – basket weaving was a real favourite. We also ordered scratch art, clay, beads and painting kits. Having a structured art project each week has been enriching and fun for everyone. 

Do you have any supportive messages to share with the Housebound With Kids community?

Keep open communication with your kids each week. We have been holding family meetings where we talk about what’s going on, in a light and non-frightening way. And then encourage the kids to ask questions. It’s amazing how kids overhear things and then process what they think they heard into a belief that is usually concerning to them. We have relieved a lot of concerns that I wouldn’t’ have otherwise known existed by having these weekly family meetings.

Stick with a routine Monday to Friday and try to incorporate some independent work for the kids if they are old enough to do that. Head outside if you are able to, and let the kids learn more about nature. It’s not traditional schoolwork but they are important lessons they won’t forget. 

We would love for you to share a great craft/activity idea that you and your family have done…

Spring posters…

What did you do?

  1. Bring the kids outside with a printable of items to look for that you see in spring, like butterflies, flowers, etc.
  2. While you are on the walk, also listen and feel and explore the surroundings.
  3. Talk about what you are seeing and explain as much as you can. We incorporated a river in our walk and discussed how rivers move, what lives in the river etc into ours.
  4. We collected a few flowers and pressed them in baking paper.
  5. A few days later the kids made projects and were able to glue the flowers to their projects. 

What’s your next project idea?

The next project is on trees, we will head out in the same way, collect leaves, and create posters of the trees in our area with pressed leaves.