Wonder Adventures

Magical online Christmas experiences for children; live, interactive, imaginative, and action-packed fun to take part in as a family from home.

We all need a little more wonder and adventure this Christmas. You can still get in the Christmas spirit and join in some festive virtual fun!

You can invite Santa to Tea at your house this Christmas for a magical, interactive experience from the cosiness of your home. Or join other fun-filled, festive live adventures throughout December with Ruby Skip the Reindeer, Jolly Shivers the Snowman, and Tiny the Elf who host fun challenges, music, and live treasure hunts in your house.

Plus there is an amazing LIVE party & singalong event hosted by Santa and his festive friends on Christmas Eve! Join Santa along with Jolly Shivers the Snowman, Ruby Skip the Reindeer, and Tiny the Elf as they run a live treasure hunt in your home; provide their song and dance fun and interactive Christmas games and quiz. All from the comfort of your home on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Virtual Fun events details:

Christmas Eve Party with Santa
When: 3pm Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve Santa will be hosting the most amazing live Christmas party in your house, complete with all his festive friends; interactive, live, jam packed full of Christmas magic!
Book now to secure your magical experiences at home this December.

A picture of a reindeer, santa, snowman and elf advertising a treasure hunt

Virtual Santa experience – When Santa Comes to Tea (at your house)
When: various dates and times in December
Includes story time, personal message form Santa for your child and singing on a virtual sleigh ride– all in the cosy comfort of your house!

A picture of elves and santa advertising when santa comes to tea event

Snowman Adventure Treasure Hunt
This Snowman Adventure & Treasure Hunt is an awesome, festive game and event experience broadcast live through FACEBOOK live into your home.
Jolly Shivers the Snowman will give out clues and riddles and your children will solve these with him live and then hunt down, one at a time, all 6 clue points that you have hidden around your home for your children to hunt for. We provide printable or trace-able clues you can draw up and hide in advance around the home.

Reindeer Adventure Treasure Hunt
Ruby Skip will be hosting an amazing fun treasure hunt game LIVE in your home. She will take you through riddles and clues which your children will help solve. They will be given one minute to find each clue point, one at a time, six in all, which you will hide around your home to set up the fun. You can print or draw the clues from our helpful PDF downloads in advance of the event. Children and your household will be joining in with reindeer training skills, a virtual sleigh-ride and songs, as well as an amazing reindeer themed treasure hunt game around your home.

Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt
Join this amazing Elf Adventure and Treasure Hunt LIVE for children at home……
Tiny the Elf will be broadcasting LIVE into your living room to bring amazing festive fun to your house. Brought to you by the Elf Adventure Challenge team, expect to be Elf Marching, learning Elf skills, and most importantly, playing an amazing Christmas Elf themed treasure hunt all about your home. Beaming from the North Pole, Tiny Elf will be helping your wanna-be ‘Elf-lets’ in the ways of Santa’s workshop, as well as bringing songs and adventure and Christmas quiz fun to really get your little ones excited about the festive season.

A picture of elves advertising a treasure hunt

Quality time together at home, playing fun, interactive games together. Having festive, Christmas experiences at home that create memories and encourage fun, quality time as a family.
A memorable and authentic experience with Santa, creating magic and excitement for Christmas!

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Buy the virtual Santa experience and get 50% off Snowman and Reindeer LIVE events and £5 off Christmas Eve LIVE event with Santa.

More Details:

We are passionate about inspiring kids to be imaginative, creative, and active and have fun whilst learning and playing and spending quality time with their families.

We have created a unique blend of using technology to be active and physical and have together time in the family too.

We love getting feedback from parents about the engagement and enjoyment their kids have had doing our activities and that is what drives us.

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What we like about the Housebound With Kids community

Ideas for parents and learning about what parents love to do with their kids at home; how their kids bring so much joy and the different activities and ideas you can be inspired by.

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