You can let your imagination go wild with “handy” crafts. Here we show you how to make your own Halloween inspired witch art work.

Thanks to Trace, from Guernsey, who sent in this great handy Halloween witch idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

We made a handy Halloween witch!

Things you need: Paper plate Paper or card (coloured or plain) Glue or sticky adhesive Pencil Colouring pencils/felts.

What you do: Step 1 : Take your paper/card and draw around your child’s hand. Or yours!!
Step 2 : Colour in your hand shapes if not already coloured then carefully cut out the hand shapes.
Step 3 : Colour your paper plate if not already coloured and stick on the hand shapes.
Step 4 : Make a hat or just simply use string, wool, shredded paper etc for hair and stick on.
Step 5 : Draw a face or cut out eyes, nose, mouth or simply just use googly eyes ….

The hat is just coloured paper or card and shaped. Have fun all. There are many more craft ideas you can do using hand cut-outs.

The simplicity and enjoyment my child had making this using their own hands as part of their creation x

A photo of a paper plate witch craft.  with green paper hand cut outs, a black hat with a red stripe.

Do you have any other projects planned?

Paper plate ghost.

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My name is Trace. I have 4 children. The eldest is 26 and the youngest 8. I home educate my youngest and do school before and after care.

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Please try not to get angry with your little angels. It’s not their fault this has happened. Remember you were little once xx

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