Here is a fantastic Halloween inspired craft, marshmallow spiderwebs! Also a great idea for anyone who love spiders – or if you are looking for some spiderfriendly activites to help you/your children to start liking them. Did I mention that you can eat the marshmallows during this activity… so really it should be called a snack-tivity… yum!

Thanks to Julia, from California, who sent in this great marshmallow spiderweb idea. Let’s take a look at it…

What did you do?

We did Spiderweb Building! Grab your toothpicks and mini marshmallows for a fun and easy invitation to build (and eat) a spiderweb!

We got out our supplies this afternoon and made some spooky spiderwebs and then threw our spider rings on them before eating them after dinner. My 4.5 yr old made these pictured webs completely by herself and my 3 yr old was super engaged in his own style of spiderweb designing (which included A LOT of tasting). I made a web too, but mostly I just got to sit back and eat one million marshmallows, so this is a winning activity in my book!

This is a great STEM/STEAM activity that includes hands on building, fine motor skills and festive fun!

A photo of a back background with white marshmallows joined together with cocktail sticks to make a spideweb shape.  there are also colourful plastic spiders

Do you have any other projects planned?

Shaving cream spider webs!

Tell the Housebound With Kids community a bit about yourself…

My name is Julia and I’m a foster mom and a bio mom to a 6 and 4 yr old and a baby on the way! Worked in special education for 8 years before staying home with my kids.

What are your family’s favourite board game(s)/card game(s)?

Uno Moo & Zingo

What are your children’s favourite books?

The Pigeon Drives the Bus!

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